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Pro Sanctity Movement 

National Convention 2015

July 31August 2

Pro Sanctity Retreat Center in Elkhorn, NE


convention flier

Friday, July 31
7:00 pm           Gather
7:30 pm           Introductions, Mix & Mingle
8:30 pm           Opening Presentation
9:30 pm           Snacks & Fellowship, testimony

Saturday, August 1
10:00 am         Mass (Bishop Hanefeldt)
11:15 am         Talk: Bishop Hanefeldt

                        (Festival of Faith for kids)

Noon              Lunch
1:15 pm           Talk: Omar Gutierrez
2:00-5:15 pm   Tools for Interiority & Apostolate
5:30 pm           Evening prayer, testimony
6:00 pm           Dinner
7:30 pm           Local Centers’ Skits

Sunday, August 2
10:00 am      Mass
11:15 am         Closing Presentation
Noon               Lunch, sharing of graces